Long distance driving called Life

Long distance driving called Life


Someone has rightly said, “Life is a journey and not a destination. ” and the journey begins with the initial steps one takes. Many people have long-distance driving as a Passion. They enjoy driving for long hours and relish the journey or distance. In many ways life is also a long-distance journey in which one needs to enjoy the ride, feel joyous while achieving each and every milestone, and at the same time “keep moving” like the famous punch line says it all.


In this blog, an attempt is made to draw analogies between long-distance driving with journey called life.

  1. As while driving long distances we keep good care of the vehicle in which we are driving, so as to ensure that no breakups occur. Same in life, if one wishes for a long journey, one would have to keep good care of his or her body. If the health is intact rest everything will fall in place. It is rightly said, “Health is wealth “.
  2. As while driving, we keep our vehicle full of resources such as oil, gas, etc., same in life, one needs to keep the energy in the body up and high through proper diet, exercise, and pranayama so that the prana level or the life force is high which would keep negativity and low energy out of the bay.
  3. As while driving, we keep the focus on the front mirror window and for short judgment keep an eye on the side mirror and rear end mirror, so in life, one need to keep focusing on the present moment and not swayed away by the past impressions. As we see the rear mirror to get glimpses of vehicles coming from the back, in the same way in life we should learn from the past and live in the present moment.
  4. As while driving we engage with our fellow passengers, so in life, we should keep along with people around us and maintain the philosophy of caring and sharing.
  5. As while driving, we come across bumpy roads, tough terrains, muddy water, quicksand, and many more, so in life, we face tough situations which are difficult but then we need to keep moving with a smile along with a firm belief in our capabilities which is bestowed by the almighty. During rough patches, as we slow down the vehicle, likewise, take some deep breaths and continue the journey with valor and faith.


There could be many more comparison one can make and draw a meaningful conclusion.

Have a wonderful journey called life. May God bless you all through the path.


Abhishek R Sharma

(views are personal )

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