Working professionals’ & Productivity

Working professionals’ & Productivity

Working professionals’ productivity is directly related to their level of emotional anxiety & stress ūüėĎ

– When are you stressed or feeling negative emotions?

#Stress and the negative #emotions are the prime and big reasons today for holding a person to #blossom in #life.

– At the initial stages of our lives, we seldom focus or work on building strong resilience to the ups and downs of life, as we grow along.

РIf one is unprepared, then there are #setbacks

РThe world is ready to fill you with IQ but hardly teaches you #emotionalintelligence

РRemember, you can still learn from others and save yourself from # the #miseries of life

– Wake up before it’s too late.

РInculcate the habit of #Yoga, #mindfulness and deep breathing such as #SKY. (Refer 1st comment for Research work)


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