#belongingness and #corruption?

#belongingness and #corruption?

Reasons to succumb to #corruption?

The majority of friends and connections voted for – Lack of Integrity as an important, prominent reason (70%) or attribute for corruption in public dealings.

– How do we measure the integrity of an individual?

– By simply measuring the difference between ” What one says” vs “what one does”. This is my definition. You share any other measuring parameters you recall.

One important point I wish to make is that if you have a sense of belongingness, the chances of getting into the act of corruption are limited.

Take an example, no one will do corrupt acts with near or dear ones. Isn’t? Think.. 🤔.

Since the spectrum of belongingness is limited, the radius of acts of corruption increases.

If one considers the whole world as #One, will there be reasons for any corruption?

My view is Integrity is actually a subset of a larger point ie., Belongingness.

I am grateful for your super participation and engagement. Thank you.


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