We need Energies in Life

We need Energies in Life

We all need¬†#Energies in our daily lives. What better it could get to take the opportunity to flex ūüí™ your muscles, open up your lungs ūüęĀ and allow the blood to flow in the body?

A good #exercise, followed by SKY breathing Meditation (a deep breathing technique), which I follow, will allow me to :

1) Get your lungs to function well, which means you give more oxygen to every cell of your body. Thus, eliminate #Stress from the system.#NoToxins

2) Good blood circulation will help get #mind calm and #ideas will flow generously.

3) It is all about #Energies. You get the energy to face any challenge. People leave the organization sometimes because their energies do not match.

So, keep the energy high followed by SKY, you have a #Wonderful combination.


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