The New UPI Rule (expected soon) and What You Can Do?

Digital Safety: The New UPI Rule (expected soon) and What You Can Do?

– I would like to share some good news about an upcoming UPI rule that promises to reinforce Bharat’s (India) digital transactions’ security.
– As we witness the tremendous growth in digital transactions, touching the trillion mark, there has unfortunately been a parallel surge in digital fraud, especially within UPI transactions. (Source: Media reports)

The good news is that change is on the horizon!

🛡️ The new UPI rule (which is yet to be notified or expected soon by the regulatory authorities) empowers us to cancel or reverse the first transaction with a new payee within 4 hours.

🛡️This significant step will play a pivotal role in curbing fraudulent activities and protecting genuine customers from deceitful transactions.

💳 Your safety in the digital space is a top priority, and this rule is a giant leap towards achieving that.

I encourage you to spread the word and help create awareness about this crucial development. Together, we can make a difference! 🌐

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Here’s a short video explaining the new UPI rule and its benefits: []

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