The Power of a Smile – Branding Tips from an Image Consultant

I was honored to interview Aarti Sharma, an Exceptional Women of Excellence Awardee by the WEF, on my YouTube channel and podcast, Upskill with Abhishek. Our wide-ranging conversation covered personal branding, focusing on the power of a smile.

Aarti shared fantastic insights into crafting an authentic personal brand. We discussed how leaders like PM Narendra Modi use their unique style and memorable gestures to build a distinctive public image. A radiant smile can make a lasting impression and forge human connections.

I invite you to watch the full interview on my YouTube channel or listen to it on my podcast. Learn Aarti’s tips for creating your brand and projecting confidence and approachability. Please like, share, and leave comments with your reactions.

It was a privilege to speak with Aarti and gain her wisdom. Check out the interview, and let me know what you think!

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