🚨 Interesting Fact You should Know: Protect Yourself from KYC Fraud!

πŸ”’ In light of rising incidents, RBI emphasizes vigilance against fraud under the guise of KYC updation. Stay cautious to safeguard your financial well-being!

πŸ›‘ Beware of Fraud Tactics:
πŸ“ž Unsolicited calls/SMS/emails urging KYC updates.
🌐 Links in messages leading to unauthorized apps.
🚨 False urgency threats (account freezing/closure).

βœ… Do’s to Secure Yourself:
🏦 Confirm KYC requests directly with your bank.
πŸ“ž Get official contact info from the bank’s website.
🀝 Report cyber fraud incidents promptly.
🧐 Inquire about secure KYC update options.

πŸ“– For Detailed Guidelines:
πŸ“ Read RBI Master Direction on KYC (Para 38) for updates.
ℹ️ Visit RBI’s official website for additional info.

🚫 Don’ts to Stay Safe:
❌ Never share login details, PINs, or OTPs.
❌ Avoid sharing KYC docs with unknown entities.
❌ Steer clear of unverified websites/apps.
❌ Don’t click on suspicious links in messages.

πŸ” Your Security Matters! Be Informed, Stay Protected.

🌐 For cyber fraud complaints: National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal | πŸ“ž Helpline: 1930

Watch about the KYC Updation Fraud here:https://youtu.be/44EUmW1-De4

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