How Soft Skills like Public Speaking important in the world of AI, Technology .?

What is your Art of Personal Evolution?

Insightful Interview with Author Sherry, International Public Speaking Coach and a Man on a Mission.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Author Sherry, an international public speaking coach and author. Our conversation was incredibly insightful, covering a range of topics that are highly relevant in today’s world.

Key Highlights:

1 – Vikshit Bharat: A thought-provoking discussion on how we can contribute towards the growth and development of our nation.
2 – Life Learnings from Banking Experience: Sherry shared two key life lessons from his extensive banking career that are applicable to various fields.
3 – High-Income Skills: We discussed the high-income skills that are in demand today and how to develop them.
4 – Advice for Youth and Professionals: Sherry provided three crucial takeaways for the younger generation and professionals alike.
5 – Tech and Soft Skills: The importance of combining technical skills with soft skills for holistic development.

I highly recommend watching the full interview for an in-depth understanding of these topics.

Watch the Interview on YouTube: The Upskill School – Sherry Interview :
Listen to the Podcast:–Soft-Skills-e2jr77o

Let’s continue to elevate our skills and contribute to a better future together.

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